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"Helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams and build their global businesses is my daily fuel"




My blog was created for all aspiring or active entrepreneurs. These weekly articles offer you all the lessons I've learned over the years, through running my own company and supporting my clients in building their small empires from the ground up. It's a compilation of tips, advice, and a source of inspiration for anyone looking to start their own project or business. I highly recommend you subscribe to my weekly newsletter and follow the Make Things Happen Blog to receive weekly pieces of wisdom that will nurture your mind and enhance your experience as a leader in your business and project.

"When I started my business, I knew the importance of nurturing my mindset with inspiration and knowledge from more experienced business owners. My mentors were my blogs, my YouTube videos, my Podcasts, and my books."

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"My blog is written to help dreamers like myself makethingshappen"


I am passionate about business, especially the process of watching small businesses get established and grow. I dedicate most of my working hours to supporting my clients build businesses in Canada and immigrate to this beautiful country while doing so. Entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes from all around the world trust me and my company, North Horizon Immigration Consulting Inc., in creating a business structure for themselves and their families to move to Canada and operate a business either as self-employed or as a scalable enterprise. My business immigration company was my first business project and over the last seven years, it has allowed me to create a large network of global entrepreneurs with whom I've had the pleasure to experience all kinds of business ventures.



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"I believe we can change the world, one conversation at a time"

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My cousin, Salima Benkhalti, and I believe that was can change the world one conversation at a time. This is why, every week, we discuss various topics and issues that matter to our lives and communities. We are vocal about things such as romance, online dating, Black Lives Matters, Trans Gender rights, spirituality, health & fitness, mental health...and many many more issues dear to our hearts. Our goal is to encourage and motivate you to also engage in deep conversations with your family and friends and help the world become a better place, once conversation at a time. 

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Este podcast está producido por mi empresa de migración y tiene como objetivo compartir con los hispanohablantes interesados en emigrar a Canadá información valiosa a través de entrevistas y conversaciones informativas. Invitamos a inmigrantes que ya están en Canadá y pueden compartir sus historias muy inspiradoras. También ofrecemos consejos de expertos sobre la sociedad, la estructura economica y cultural canadiense que facilitará la adaptación exitosa de los inmigrantes hispanos en Canadá. Nuestro objetivo es que todos puedan PROSPERAR EN CANADA! 

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In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, I felt the need to communicate my thoughts & experiences with the world through speech. Without skipping a beat, I created two podcasts: one dedicated to personal and social issues created in English, and the other dedicated to my audience of Spanish speaking future Canadian immigrants.



"The world is so big and yet so small at the same time! The more I discover it, the more

I fall in love with humanity"


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I am born a nomad. My parents are from different ethnic backgrounds, one Moroccan and the other Argentine, and by the time I was 5 years old, I had already lived in 3 countries and I spoke 3 languages. This dynamic lifestyle persisted until today, in my mid thirties, I still do not have any geographic location I call my true "home". My home resides within me, with the friendships I nurture around the planet, the memories I carry within my soul, with the multiple customs that run in my genealogical family tree and the cultural tendencies and languages I've incorporated from different cities along the way. It's no coincidence that I feel completely fulfilled helping people from around the world immigrate, I have done it myself so many times! Since I love the world and its diversity so much, you can easily guess that my favorite thing to do is travelling! Follow my Instagram account to see beautiful pictures of the places on Earth I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit.

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All of us are multi-dimensional human beings with a full set of values, opinions, hobbies, and talents. I emphasize this point because I know how easy it is for us, hard working professionals, to hide parts of who we are in order to impress our boss, our markets, and our colleagues. In the middle of our quest for economic wellbeing, business and career growth, we often forget to nurture the other aspects of our personalities and this makes us look and feel quite dull. I have been there. I have tried to hide my multi-passionate personality to only focus on the business woman who resides in me. Thankfully, over the years, I realized that this did not bring me any happiness. I decided to take down the curtain and start showing to the world the other aspects of myself that make me "me". This has not only been tremendously rewarding on an emotional and spiritual level, but it has also allowed me to attract the kind of clients and human connections who vibrate at the same level and with the same energy as I. 
I welcome you to join me in this new movement of highly efficient professionals who also share the non-business, non-intellectual facets of who they are, flaunting the fullness of their magical, dynamic selves to the world. Let's create an ecosystem of business that includes all of our human experience!


I can't wait to know more about your full story and multifaceted personality! 

When I am not busy building businesses and communicating my thoughts, I am most likely dancing! A life without art seems to me a life not worth living. I naturally gravitate towards dancing as I find it to be the best way to shut off my analytical brain (and mouth), and to allow my body to take over and have a good time! Throw at me any beat, and I will find a way to groove to it. My personal favorites are Caribbean rhythms such as Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Dancehall and Soca. I also appreciate Hip Hop, Bellydance and Afrobeats. I am by no means a professional at any of the above mentioned dances, and neither do I seek to become one. You might find me online, participating in some of my fiancé's dance videos, since he is a dance instructor among other things. Dancing has always brought me much joy, and as it turns out it has also brought me the love of my life! 


"A life without art seems to me a life not worth living"
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