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Writing from the heart

I watched with anticipation as the Tarot cards reader prepared a spread to help me find answers about my writers’ block. The first card to appear was the 7 of Cups upside down.

“It seems you’re stressed because you don’t know which cup to drink from!” – was my readers’ first comment.

“What does this even have to do with writing?” – was my first thought.

You see, the 7 of Cups card displays a woman staring at 7 golden cups. Each cup contains a different symbol: a heart, a snake, money, a crown, a tornado, a rose, and a fist. The Tarot reader explained that each cup reflected a different part of my personality, and that I seemed to need to pick and choose only one of them. I had an urge to write blog posts, but I didn’t know which topic to write about. I was stressing out about which “cup” to choose. I am accustomed to writing for a specific purpose, and usually for business motives. My writing needs a specific target audience, a message, and a strategy. Each blog post should build upon the last one, taking the reader through a carefully laid out plan with precise action calls or learning objectives.

This works well for my business.

However, it does nothing for my creative self.

I started a blog thinking I would write specifically, and only, about business. But this rigid framework killed my inspiration, and I found myself abandoning the project, while still longing for having my own blog. The Tarot reader made me see that forcing myself to write only about one aspect of my personality was exactly what was contributing to my writers’ block.

Writing from the heart has no end goal and no strategy. This creative process gives me the freedom to select any part of my personality and express it through writing. I can write blog posts about anything, with no hidden agenda, no strategy, and no order. Although a simple concept in theory, it was difficult (and ground-breaking) for me to reach this understanding.

I decided to try writing from the heart. My only structure will be to write one blog post per week. Removing the purpose from my blog leaves me with only one topic: myself. My bare feelings and thoughts, totally exposed and vulnerable.

I am ready to give it a go.


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